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Talent and Corporate responsibility top the list of concerns in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis

Research conducted with global CEOs before COVID-19 and today show significant changes in the risks and priorities. Bill Thomas, KPMG Global Chairman and CEO, stated that COVID-19 has redefined what is 'good business leadership' and CEOs are now more connected to their firm's Purpose, which enables them to guide their business through this turbulent time. 

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Re-purposing laptops to support educational needs in Vietnam  

Under the strategic partnerships with Saigonchildren, Microsoft Vietnam, and Dariu Foundation in Vietnam, KPMG delivered the first round of 50 laptops donated from its staff across offices in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, and Danang to school students selected by Saigonchildren and Dariu Foundation.

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Foreign investors remain interested in Vietnam insurance market

Vietnam’s insurance market remains highly attractive for foreign investors though the coronavirus pandemic impacts on the industry in the short term.

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Tax Alert in April 2020

Letters of Credit (L/C) is subject to Value Added Tax ("VAT").

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Tax Alert on Social Insurance and Labour Support due to COVID-19  in April 2020

The Government's social insurance and labour concessional measures issued to support individual and enterprises affected by COVID-19 pandemic.             

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The implications of Decree 100 for Vietnam's beer industry in April 2020

This study aims to provide a perspective about how beer companies in our largest neighbor, China, dealt with similar regulatory issue to continue growing...


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Macro Updates Vietnam & Cambodia in 2020

Vietnam continues to grow faster than the regional average with an impressive GDP growth rate exceeding 7% in 2019.

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Freight transport and shipping in Vietnam in 2019

A growing number of companies shifting manufacturing to Vietnam, which may be good news for logistics operators ...

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Consumer and Retail Market in Vietnam in 2019

Strong growth of Vietnam consumers and retail market.