Decarbonization through renewable energy

Decarbonization through
renewable energy

Understanding Asia Pacific’s Corporate Power Purchase Agreement landscape  

As more and more countries respond to climate change and announce their commitments to Net Zero, supporting mechanisms and measures continue to bloom. Renewable energy, one of the major components to achieve decarbonization targets, has started to become mainstream worldwide.

In the Asia Pacific region, many governments are already pushing for increased renewables to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and drive energy transformation, resulting in a more friendly environment for the development of the renewable industry. In addition to the Net Zero targets at a national level, renewable electricity procurement at the corporate level is a vital action to take for walking the talk on commitments of RE1001 and science-based targets.

The need for corporate renewable power in the Asia Pacific region is growing rapidly due to the global supply chain requirements and local carbon reduction regulations. However, many obstacles are yet to be overcome in order to create a robust demand and supply market. Our report on the Corporate Power Purchase Agreement (CPPA) landscape in Asia Pacific, aims to provide a clear view on the CPPA market, and summarize the opportunities and challenges in the current renewable energy market.

The impact of climate change is beyond our imagination. The cost of inaction is even higher. Asia Pacific is one of the most vulnerable regions to climate change on this planet. KPMG is dedicated to support our clients on their mitigation and adaptation strategies in this region. This report will provide Asia Pacific businesses a holistic and comprehensive overview on CPPA in the region, insight and assistance to decision makers in forming their strategies on renewable energy procurement.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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