Onsite Assistance
Our trusted and experienced professionals are here to provide assistance for your functional and operational demands. 

Leverage our talent and resources

Whether you're facing a business challenge and need some expert help – or just an extra pair of hands to get through the workload – KPMG Onsite Assistance is here to help! KPMG Onsite Assistance brings the experience and expertise of our highly specialized professionals.

We work directly with you, to help you solve your business challenges. Along with our core capabilities in tax, accounting, finance, and advisory services, we also offer a comprehensive range of specialist knowledge with experience across a wide range of industries and can tailor services to your needs.

While our commencement of work is subject to the clearance of our acceptance procedures, we often have someone working with you in as little as few business days.

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Areas that we can support include:

Our accountants will assist you in implementing an appropriate accounting system and provide you with accurate information and timely reports required for management decisions.

Do you

  • find your accounting costs too high for a small business?

  • feel that ensuring regulatory compliance is a time-consuming and laborious task?

  • expect to find a reliable bookkeeping company and professional advisers to help a foreign investor?

  • require a flexible accounting service tailored to suit your company's needs?

  • think a temporary substitute for an employee needs extra resources and adds to your personnel expenses?

  • want to outsource part of your company's bookkeeping duties?

KPMG's professional and well-arranged bookkeeping services help clients achieve significant cost savings. Combining our skills and knowledge with the know-how of other KPMG advisory services, our bookkeeping specialists provide comprehensive support in all accounting areas.

Our services include:

  • Financial accounting and reporting

  • Special bookkeeping and reporting (controller services, payroll accounting, statistics, filling in tax returns, bookkeeping on the client's software, etc)

  • Preparation of financial statements

  • Preparation of financial statements for foreign owner in English.

Why choose KPMG?

  • Foreign investors and small businesses will find a reliable bookkeeping company and professional advisers

  • Companies can file monthly accounts and communicate in foreign languages without having to use extra translation assistance

  • Information will remain confidential

  • Outsourcing can yield cost savings

  • Small businesses do not need to spend time and resources on striving for regulatory compliance

  • Electronic data transmission [data export-import, (electronic reporting to the Tax inspection) and electronic reporting to the Social Security fund), and banking transactions] will make the information available and traceable for both the client and the accounting company.

Spreadsheet-based modelling can provide business leaders with flexible tools to help make informed decisions, but such tools can suffer from a lack of quality, robustness, security and reliability. This could have a severe impact on the quality of decision-making. According to a KPMG survey, 70 percent of models contained errors that affected their results and over 75 percent of models had no formal quality assurance procedures.

KPMG’s Modelling team can help you build bespoke financial models that are flexible, robust, accurate and easy-to-use, with clear reports to deliver tangible business benefits. We also review and test models to enhance their quality and reliability, improving the overall quality of decision-making or third-party confidence in the outputs.

What’s on your mind?

  • Do you have the right information at the right time?

  • How confident are you that your existing models are error-free, robust and reliable? 

  • Do you know the key assumptions and drivers used to generate management information and key metrics? 

  • Are you able to flex those assumptions easily and assess the impact on decisions? 

  • How much is poor quality information costing you? 

Bringing you peace of mind with modelling advisory and consulting services

  • Strategic Modelling and Option Appraisals: We build models to quantify and evaluate strategic directions or business options and scenarios. 

  • Transaction and Deal Modelling: We construct projection and valuation models to reflect the economics of the deal, the contractual terms, operational, accounting and tax assumptions, financing proposals and investor returns. 

  • Bid Modelling: We prepare financial models that meet best practice requirements, are robust, reliable and comply with the bid requirements. This enables the bidder to accurately price its bid. 

  • Operational Models: We build spreadsheet /database tools for quantifying and forecasting specific business operations. This includes budgeting, management and financial reporting, cash flow or treasury management, capital expenditure programs and working capital management.

  • Restructuring and Financing Models: We build restructuring models to reflect financing requirements, capital structure scenarios, cash waterfalls, distributions and impact of new capital structures. 

  • Cost Optimisation Models: We construct bespoke tools for cost optimisation programs, including evaluation of outsourcing plans, managing staff costs and their impact on operational efficiency, profitability and shareholder value. 

  • Tactical (interim) solutions: We build fast-track bespoke solutions that offer the client flexible reporting, immediate business benefits and key user functionality at a fraction of the time and cost of larger, more cumbersome enterprise-wide solutions. 

Modelling assurance services

  • Model audits: We provide independent assurance on the accuracy, robustness and reliability of financial models, using specialist auditing software tools and a rigorous methodology. 

  • Design advice: We provide upfront advice on structural specification, design and construction, to improve robustness and reduce the risk of costly re-work. 

  • Contract compliance: We test inputs, assumptions and calculations against contractual documents and provide independent assurance that key contract terms have been accurately reflected in the model. 

  • Bespoke testing and model validation: We can focus on specific areas of concern or high risk aspects. 

What’s in it for you?

  • Improve the quality of your decision-making – Our modelling tools are flexible and are built to meet your precise information requirements

  • Enhance the transparency of assumptions underlying your decisions – We clarify, articulate and document the key assumptions and drivers in your business. 

  • Trust – We provide you with robust tools that you and your stakeholders can trust or with independent quality assurance on your own tools.

There is no "digital economy". The economy is digital and "digits" refer to data. Data is the lifeblood of every organization on this planet and organizations that embrace this notion are well positioned to grow as industries continue to evolve and disrupt at an ever increasing pace. KPMG understands how the combined power of computing and mathematical techniques applied to data can rapidly derive business insights. We believe increased intelligence and speed to insight are a competitive advantage for your organization.

How we can help?

With a team of professionals that live at the intersection of business, technology and math and we can show you how various types of analytics can be a major competitive advantage in your business. Over the years we have helped several organizations innovate and adapt to change, grow their revenue, increase efficiency and have a better understanding of risk in this business.

In order to help our clients keep up with the pace of change, KPMG has set up a worldwide network of Insight Centers to provide our clients a next generation environment to rapidly ideate, innovate and prototype. These state of the art innovation and collaboration centric labs offer our clients an opportunity to "disrupt in a sandbox", mature their strategy and execution plans through a professional facilitated journey supported by data, analytics and visualization.

Grow your business

The customer should be at the heart of any organization's D&A strategy - Companies need to have a consolidated view of their customer and we believe it is much more than a single view of the customer. A consolidated view not only includes resolving many views of the internal customer profile, but also includes their interactions and transactions with the organization and the relationships, behaviors, wants and desires of the customer that often exist outside the organization.

KPMG specialists in Canada and around the world are helping leading organizations effectively leverage the extended data ecosystem to identify actionable insights that help identify new customer segments, capitalize on emerging market trends and develop new products and services.


We can help organizations make better and faster decisions - Expanding our ability to develop the knowledge and innovative solutions necessary for delivering insight-rich D&A services is one of our foremost strategic priorities. The pace of change and disruption is increasing and organizations are challenged to keep up. Technologies and concepts like machine learning, cognitive computing, cloud and the Internet of Things (IoT) are game changing enablers, only if organizations understand the value these capabilities can bring. We believe guided experimentation and iteration allows our clients to incubate the change process and test new ideas with minimal investment and risk.

KPMG provides facilitated ideation sessions to help leadership teams deconstruct problem statements and through a creative design and collaborative process develop ideas and define solutions. Using the Insight Center and D&A Labs, clients can construct prototypes, test new ideas and if they work, rapidly deploy them. These collaborative spaces enable participants to share knowledge and capabilities, discover innovative opportunities, and develop the transformative solutions you need to compete.

Manage your risks

Organizations need confidence in their data quality and accuracy - As regulators become more active and the business environment becomes more complex, organizations are increasingly turning to data and analytics (D&A) to help control, predict and mitigate risk. By applying modern analytics techniques and technologies, organizations can now achieve unprecedented insight into the internal and external factors that drive risk and enhance compliance.

Enhance your performance

Improving and sustaining business performance is always top of mind for business leaders - D&A plays a critical role in maximizing performance across the extended enterprise. KPMG member firms are helping to maximize clients' implementation of analytics in their day-to-day operations in areas such as HR where they are applying analytics to help evaluate applicants' CVs. Others are using insights from their supply chain to drive costs out of their business and improve overall flexibility.

Challenges of the modern business environment require the constant monitoring of operations, organizational structures and processes by management, in order to find the most suitable business approaches on the market and thus increase profitability. One of the most common ways to increase efficiency and reduce operating costs is the review and reengineering of an operating model, organizational structure and internal processes in line with defined strategic goals.

With maximum flexibility, KPMG in Vietnam offers organizational and business and process analysis services for our clients: we are at your service whether it be regarding the whole company or only one service unit, a specific issue or a complex problem.

With the help of our services the operating costs of our clients can be significantly reduced in the mid term, while quick wins defined during the planning and development phases can lead to additional short-term efficiency improvements.

Possible gains:

  • Simplified and more efficient operations, reduction of labor-intensive tasks and processes

  • Increased efficiency of the organization, management monitoring and control functions

  • Increasingly transparent and coherent enterprise operations focused on processes

  • Reduction or elimination of duplications and parallel functions at the company, unit or individual job levels

  • Quantified and tangible proposals in all areas backed up by detailed feasibility analysis and implementation plan

  • Rationalization of manual workload

  • Better utilization of the current IT infrastructure and functionalities

Our services and applications include:

  • Organizational review: detailed analysis of focus areas

  • Evaluation of outsourcing and business support optimization potential

  • Business process review and development

  • Development and design of internal rules of operation, controls and job descriptions

  • Identification, adjustment and implementation of local and international best practices

  • Definition and implementation of quick wins to increase organizational and operational efficiency

  • Business Plan – creation of detailed development proposals with feasibility analysis and capacity planning

  • Creation and execution of implementation plans

  • Project management and monitoring

Boards and individual directors have a critical role to play in the governance, risk and strategy oversight of their organization. As business and society evolves, boards must be able to navigate the challenges and opportunities to ensure the sustainable growth of their business. This involves juggling the needs of multiple stakeholders in an increasingly interconnected world.

Boards must be operating effectively, be fully cognizant of their collective and individual responsibilities, able to make informed decisions based on an understanding of the key issues impacting their business strategy and be supported by robust governance frameworks.

How we can help

Our board advisory team is made up of governance, risk and strategy experts who can assist you and your board, to:

  • benchmark and improve current governance frameworks against better practice

  • undertake board and board committee evaluations that identify areas of strength and weakness in skills, behaviors, board meeting effectiveness, board reporting, board composition, stakeholder engagement, risk and strategy

  • assist with development of board support tools including board documents, policies and processes that underpin a robust governance framework of risk management, strategy formulation, monitoring and assurance

  • undertake tailored board training around risk, strategy and governance to assist boards to meet their fiduciary responsibilities

Our experienced team takes an objective and professional approach to managing the many risks from major change.

How KPMG can help

We can help you with the critical success factors for a wide range of projects, including:

  • major business transformations such as mergers or acquisitions

  • complex IT systems initiatives

  • regulatory compliance or corporate governance.

KPMG employs leading concepts and practices, supported by:

  • experienced practitioners

  • project planning tools

  • documentation templates

  • benchmarking standards

  • built-in knowledge transfer.

Project Advisory Services can generate significant cost savings by minimizing:

  • poor selection decisions

  • costly overruns

  • misalignment with business needs

  • poor quality deliverables

  • failed projects.

We can help improve the effectiveness of change within your organization and increase the likelihood of your project’s success.

Benefits include:

  • cost reduction through reallocation of resources towards more productive project

  • evaluation of the effectiveness of project management controls for senior management or external parties (e.g. regulators)

  • continuous alignment of products, program, projects with overall business goals

  • proactive advice on how to enhance processes and controls

  • validation and verification of contractor deliverables by leveraging the qualifications of our KPMG subject matter experts.

Supporting a successful implementation project

Enterprise wide technology projects have become a way of life for organizations. Many companies are now partnering with external solution providers to deliver services that are beyond their capabilities.

While these projects can bring substantial benefits, they can become disruptive and costly; dominating time and resources and affecting core business activities.

Large scale programs and projects are complex and place new demands on an organization. If not properly managed, they often result in significant business and financial risks.

To ensure success with their projects, organizations must:

  • define business requirements

  • determine the ‘fit’ of particular software solutions

  • choose the right vendors.

KPMG offers an extensive range of Accounting Outsourcing Services, customized to address the needs of both big and medium-sized companies. In offering such services we rely on our skills with respect to outsourcing engagements, our past experience, and our profound knowledge of statutory accounting regulations, Vietnamese tax legislation, and IFRS.

The major services offered are:

  • Bookkeeping services, ranging from full outsourcing to accounting supervision services.

  • Preparation of statutory accounts and respective filings. 

  • Preparation of management accounts and reports.

  • Financial reporting following IFRS.

  • Corporate income tax return preparation.

  • Other tax return preparation.

  • Preparation and filing of year-end tax returns and reports.

  • Preparation of VAT returns and reports (intra-stat and listing).

  • Filing of VAT refund application and assistance throughout the entire process until the collection of the refund.

  • VAT representation services and assistance with preparation of tax returns and reports and respective filings.

Build the right team based on your requirements

Onsite Assistance provides solutions for organizations that may need short-term resources to strengthen their executive team, lead a project or program, provide an injection of skills that are lacking, or to simply transform their business. 

With over 1,700 professionals in Vietnam and Cambodia, KPMG can quickly place seasoned resources with proven track record on temporary assignments to help your team cope with short term challenges as per your need. 

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