Shaping the metaverse towards sustainability

Shaping the metaverse towards sustainability 

The metaverse is a central technology trend in the 2020s, having sky-rocketed in societal awareness. Similarly, sustainability has become an increasing market and consumer trend. It is therefore relevant to consider the overlap between these trends, and which possibilities and challenges the markets present for each other. 

ESG and the metaverse engage in a complex synergy. Organizations embarking on the metaverse journey should keep ESG considerations in mind – both to avoid pitfalls, understand potential developments, but also to grasp all its opportunities. 

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Through this thought leadership we aim to provide a nuanced perspective on how the metaverse might impact the world’s ability to become sustainable. Combining our own knowledge with insights from a series of industry leaders and experts, this thought leadership provides an initial insight into ESG considerations when starting the metaverse journey, and outlines the steps recommended by our experts