Me, My life, My wallet

How to serve the sustainability conscious consumer


KPMG has been monitoring the evolving nature of consumer purchasing behavior for the past four years through our exclusive research and thought leadership titled Me, My Life, and My Wallet. This report discusses what matters most to customers, what drives them, what grabs their attention, the relationships and networks that are increasingly influencing their decisions, and the trade-offs customers make between time, quality, and money. 

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Me, my life, my wallet          

Here are some highlights from our internal survey on climate change:   

• 85% of KPMG employees think climate change greatly threatens our personal health and safety 

• Many of KPMG employees think the threat of climate change is extremely serious, for our families, our country and the planet 

• Most of KPMG employees think KPMG as a firm and as individuals, needs to take immediate action to address Climate Change 

• 80% of KPMG employees think Habitat Loss threatens our personal health and safety  

• Majority popular idea is to protect community water sources, followed by real interest in preserving the oceans, wetlands and forests 

• The most exciting outcome was that 97% of KPMG employees would consider getting actively involved in climate change initiatives. 

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