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ESG risks and opportunities for manufacturers’ operations in industrial parks

Incorporating ESG into production processes is becoming more widespread in order to provide a broader perspective on challenges and investment opportunities in manufacturing firms.

   August 2022


KPMG NEXT 2022 will be the gathering of ambitious and passionate business leaders with a shared goal: elevating their companies into brands well-known in domestic and international markets.

   August - October

Recent Tax Audits and Customs Trends

Our seminar will help businesses deeply understand the latest regulations on Tax and Customs, and solve the problems that businesses are facing. Looking forward to seeing you at our event. 

   July 2022

KPMG in Vietnam: Digital Chats series -
Workshop 6: How to succeed in your Digital transformation journey

Digital transformation is the most commonly used word in today’s business talk.  What businesses often fail to understand is what it really is, how it can be different for different organizations and the challenges that it comes with.  In this Digital Chats session, we will discuss about the type of Digital transformation...

   April 28th 2022 

Series: IFRS Adoption in Vietnam  

Join the program IFRS Adoption in Vietnam — Dare to Lead!, co-hosted by KPMG in Vietnam and State Securities Commission of Vietnam – to discuss key impacts of this transformation, sector-specific examples, and conversion journey to meet the 2025 deadline...

   July 15th 2022

Past Events

Financial Management for Business Success

In a volatile economic period, effective financial planning and implementation are key elements of businesses, especially businesses' need to increase monitoring and control of cash flows and improve cash balances. available side.

   July 22nd 2022

Tax audit for foreign Representatives Offices in Vietnam

The Webinar is organised by KPMG in Vietnam to help you have a greater understanding of the issues currently scrutinized by the tax authorities in an audit event and ensure how to effectively manage the tax audit process in Vietnam.

   July 8th 2022

Regulations and practices when converting to an Export Processing Enterprise

Are you interested in information about the process of converting into an Export Processing Enterprise (EPE) or facing tax, customs and legal problems with an existing EPE business?

   June 30th 2022

2022 KPMG Tax and Legal Seminar in Chinese 

KPMG in Vietnam collaborates with Thai Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Vietnam to organise this webinar to help you understand the direction and focus areas of tax authority in 2022 that may lead to tax exposures, especially with regards to new tax regulations...

   June 17th 2022

Tax Audit trends, Key Tax updates in 2022 & Experience sharing on challenged cases       

KPMG in Vietnam collaborates with Thai Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Vietnam to organise this webinar to help you understand the direction and focus areas of tax authority in 2022 that may lead to tax exposures, especially with regards to new tax regulations...

   June 16th 2022

Compliance requirements for foreign Representative Offices in Vietnam      

The event Representative Office Lifecycles organised by KPMG in Vietnam to help you ensure a RO is set up and operated smoothly in Vietnam, get familiar with the compliance requirements during its lifecycle to ensure proper compliance and to ease further investment into the market in due course.

   June 15th 2022

Borders reopen — A need for and a focus on foreign workers       
Join the event Borders reopen — A need for and a focus on foreign workers to hear KPMG experts share their up-to-date experience on visa, work permit policies and foreign labour compliance following the reopening of Vietnam borders to international travellers.

   June 07th 2022

KPMG Tax and Legal Seminar 2022  

As the pandemic has passed, Vietnam is the country with the fastest economic recovery in the world and the most popular investment destination for manufacturers. Through this seminar, our experts provide KPMG's customers with the latest knowledge sharing of fiscal and taxation laws,...

   May 25th 2022

Digital Transformation with Oracle Cloud Solution   

Digital transformation has brought many opportunities as well as challenges, requiring leaders to grasp and have optimal solutions to develop businesses.

   May 25th 2022


Panel Discussion: On-Demand Economy 

On-demand economy is increasingly relevant worldwide as customer behaviour has changed tremendously in the last decades. Join our event to discuss how the market has responded, what are opportunities and challenges await.

   Apr 15th 2022


2022 Tax Inspection Support Program 

Tax inspections are always stressful! Despite the current pandemic, tax authorities are also tightening the inspection process and are using more sophisticated methods in targeting companies across the sectors to prevent tax loss. Managing a tax inspection effectively requires careful preparation and a thorough understanding of the Vietnam tax system.

   Apr 14th 2022


IFRS & The Future of Finance in Vietnam

The featured panel discussions will review the progress of IFRS adoption in the country so far, benefits and challenges awaiting companies and financial institutions as well as possible solutions and directions of legislative and regulative bodies.

   Mar 16 2022
Government’s post-pandemic economic stimulus package - How could it support business?
In January 2022, Vietnam’s parliament approved an economic stimulus package worth nearly VND350 trillion (approximately US$15 billion) to support the nation’s pandemic-hit economy. Following the event, KPMG and NS BlueScope organize this webinar to provide businesses with insights on the current landscape of Vietnamese economy. 

   Mar 17 2022


This webinar is being held with the goal of providing an update on some key points of Resolution 11 on the socio-economic recovery and development program and Decree 15 on the tax exemption and reduction policies, as well as addressing the practical concerns from businesses about tax.

   Mar 09 2022


KPMG in Vietnam: Digital Chats series - Workshop 4: IT Compliance for FSI & the question about Cloud

Compliance is always a focused topic for FSI, especially when it comes to IT compliance.  Then there is the cloud adoption trend.  What can FSI do when it comes to cloud adoption?  In this Digital Chats session, we will share our experience with the different IT compliance bodies that govern FSI, as well as our interpretation and understanding about cloud adoption and what is or is not permissible for cloud transformation for FSI.


  Feb  17, 2022


Corporate Income Tax & Transfer Pricing Update

This Japanese webinar will provide you the latest updates on corporate tax and transfer pricing. 

    Dec 10, 2021


KPMG 2021 PIT finalisation during Covid-19 pandemic 

As the pandemic eases off towards the year end of 2021, enterprises and employees encounter myriad challenges for this year PIT finalisation, particularly for employers with globally mobile labour force.

How can firms adapt to these challenges? Find out via our upcoming featured webinars - KPMG 2021 PIT finalisation during Covid-19 pandemic. 

   Dec 8  & Dec 9 2021


2021 Chinese Tax and Legal Institute

How can Chinese companies respond to global trends in the post-epidemic era? KPMG experts will provide the latest tax and legal practical insights especially for Chinese customers, which assists companies to look at the big picture of tax and law in 2021.

    Dec 10, 2021


Tax Investigation Trend & Legal Regulation Update

This webinar will provide you the latest trend in tax investigation and updates on legal regulation. 

   | Dec 17, 2021

2021 Tax and Legal Institute

Concluding the Fiscal Year 2021, companies observed several challenges posed by the new variants of Covid-19. From pandemic tax relief measures to the global minimum tax deal, what do the 2021 tax and legal landscapes look like from a bird’s eye view?

Discover more in KPMG 2021 Tax & Legal Institute – one of Vietnam’s leading tax and legal forums of the year.
   Nov 11 & Nov 12 2021

Overview of the Government's support policies for businesses and individuals affects by Covid-19

VSIP Bac Ninh collaborates with  KPMG Vietnam to organize this webinar. Join us to explore how the supporting packages from the government, which prioritized firms most severely hit by COVID-19, have  assisted enterprises to maintain and restore production and business activities, maintain and create jobs for employees. 
   Oct 29, 2021

Legal Advisory in Manufacturing: Invest in Long An with Peace of Mind

Join us to explore how organisations can create or adapt change plans to build & maintain engagement from members of the organisation; convert to new styles and methods of working and manage these large changes within their organisation through communication, planning and more.
   Oct 14, 2021

Asset Management and Private Equity Tax webinar series

In our 2021 ASPAC Asset Management and Private Equity Tax series, we will bring a team of KPMG and industry tax experts from across the region to discuss some of the key trends in the AM sector in key APSAC markets. These sessions will provide insight into the tax and regulatory changes, opportunities in the market and the overall outlook for AMPE.
   Oct 5, 2021

Overview of the Government's support policies for businesses and individuals affected by COVID-19

Singapore Business Group collaborates with KPMG to organize this webinar to give you an overview of the those policies in terms of tax, credit, cost-cutting supports for businesses, exemption/reduction of compulsory contributions and cash supports for individuals.
   Sep 30, 2021

Transfer Pricing Overview in Vietnam

The webinar will discuss about Legal framework in Vietnam, snapshot of Macro Matters, Transfer pricing Audit in Vietnam, Decree 132 and recent change.
   Sep 24, 2021


This program targets at medium enterprises and private business leaders in Vietnam who are looking for fast tracking their growth and taking their business to the next level. Discover more about KPMG NEXT 2021 at the button below.
   Jul - Sep 2021

Thai Business Association and KPMG webinar: Entering Vietnam Market 2021

This webinar will help FMCG & Food brands be successful entering Vietnam market with guidance from all well-rounded experts.

     Aug 20, 2021

Singapore Business Group and KPMG webinar: Highlights on The New Investment Guiding Regulations & Custom Update: Decree 18

This webinar will point out the highlighted changes on Customs Law and the Law on Investment 2020 as well as its principle guiding legislation Decree 31/2021/ND-CP, provide investors with clearer guidance on investment procedures.
     Aug 13, 2021

Recently, the Vietnamese government has just introduced a series of tax policies to support the development of auxiliary industries. It will increase the competitive advantage of Vietnam's auxiliary industrial manufacturing enterprises. This event is to analyze this new preferential policy and help all business owners understand how to make future business decisions.

  Jul 23, 2021

In order for everyone to understand Vietnam more conveniently and comprehensively, HSBC has joined hands with KPMG in Vietnam and the Sembcorp Group in Singapore to discuss the macroeconomic situation in Vietnam and the trend of transfer pricing audits by the tax bureau for enterprises. The status quo in Vietnam's industrial parks will be shared on topics.

  Jul 23, 2021


In this webinar, our experts will share insights into the policies set out to support employers and employees as approved by the Government under Resolution 68 and their implementation guidelines under Decision 23.  

  Jul 23, 2021

'Insights into New Pillar 1 and Pillar 2' webcast 

As a part of our ongoing Future of Tax & Legal webcast series, we a re pleased to invite you to an upcoming webcast, Insights into New Pillar 1 and Pillar 2.
This will be a global perspective with speakers from the United States, Europe, the UK, China and Australia.

  Jul 22, 2021

Odoo • Image and Text 

Vietnamese E-commerce Taxation  

With the latest updates of tax regulations on e-commerce business in Vietnam, KPMG in Vietnam and The Thai Business Association host a webinar to help organizations prepare and understand the new tax regulations on the e-commerce industry.

  Jul 22, 2021

HKBAV - GAW NPI - KPMG: Electronics Industry Investment: Vietnam's Outlook and Opportunities

With arising opportunities due to government reforms, trade liberalization, tax incentive policies, and labor quality improvement, Vietnam has become a new favored destination option for foreign investors looking to relocate their Electronic Industry (EI) investment in Asia.

  Jul 08, 2021

Taiwan Capital Market Webinar:  台湾 资本市场  VBF event

In the third quarter of 2021 book conference held by the VBF committee, we would like help business owners understand how to obtain more support from the financial market to meet the opportunities and challenges in the post-epidemic period.

  Jul 02, 2021

Adjusting to New Tax Trends, Challenges, and Opportunities - Part Three: Asia Pacific

The fast pace of global tax reform makes it difficult to keep up with the latest developments. KPMG is pleased to invite you to a three-part TaxWatch webcast series covering global tax updates by region.

  Jul 01, 2021

KPMG & International SOS Collaboration in Hanoi

New strains of COVID-19 have been identified, vaccinations have started globally and there is a continuous review on the need and ability to travel. Although the situation is being controlled well by the Government, and vaccines are being distributed...

 April 28, 2021

PIT, SHUI issues in Tax Audit and Updates on Immigration

As the largest tax practice in Vietnam, our professionals are ready to support you during the various stages of tax audit, including preparation and post-audits. This upcoming webinar is specially designed for the RO, will feature a discussion...

 April 27, 2021

Digital Mindset and Skills Workshop

New organizations need a clear strategy to build digital competency supported by advanced thinking and adaptability to technological innovations. They also need a robust framework to analyze and measure innovation and competency builds. How should...

 April 27, 2021

2021 Tax Audit Support Program

As the largest tax practice in Vietnam, our professionals are ready to support you during the various stages of a tax audit, including preparation and post-audit. Our series of Masterclasses is specially designed for CEOs, CFOs...

 April 20, 2021

What is new in 2021 during EVFTA - Advantages to export and import

As Mr Hoang Thuy Duong - Partner of KPMG Vietnam, Mr Jose Sanchez-Barroso - Delegate of EuroCham and Ms Huynh Lien Phuong - Director of IPA Danang, will analyze the benefits to export and import of Vietnam in the future thanks to the tariff...

 April 09, 2021

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