Borders reopen — A need for and a focus on foreign workers 
Time:            07 June 2022, 03:00 PM - 05:00 PM
Format:        Webinar
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Despite the borders has reopened, the immigration authority has become stricter in considering visa approval which no relaxation in the procedures. In addition, provincial labour authorities are expected to enhance the management of foreign labour in Vietnam for the period 2021-2025. As such, for businesses and individual expatriates, travelling to Vietnam with a suitable visa and eligibility to work legally with the correct work permit, will be an essential requirement to be compliant with immigration and labour regulations of Vietnam.

Join the event Borders reopen — A need for and a focus on foreign workers to hear KPMG experts share their up-to-date experience on visa, work permit policies and foreign labour compliance following the reopening of Vietnam borders to international travellers.

This event is best suit for Business leaders, HR Managers, Admin Managers.


— Preparing a suitable immigration document to enter and stay legally in Vietnam.

— How to determine if a work permit is needed and which type of work permit to apply?

— What are other labour reporting requirements when recruiting a foreigners?

— How to prepare for a labour audit?


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