The Spectrum of Major Depressive Disorder Burden in Southeast Asia

The Spectrum of Major Depressive Disorder Burden in Southeast Asia

Call to Action for Policy Leaders


Following months of field research and stemming from a similar report we conducted for the wider Asia-Pacific region (link here), KPMG, in collaboration with Johnson & Johnson, are proud to release our call-to-action for Southeast Asia policy leaders on the topic of Major Depressive Disorder (MDD). 

MDD is one of the leading causes of disability in the region, yet receives a disproportionately small share of resource attention.  Rather than addressing MDD as a monolithic challenge, we suggest to Southeast Asia policy leaders to seek to better understand the “spectrum” of sub-type conditions that drive the rapidly rising rate of people suffering a form of MDD.  Such a topic is even more relevant during the pandemic, during which we’ve observed calls to help hotline grow exponentially.

Luke Treloar
Partner, Head of Global Strategy Group | National Head –
Healthcare and Life Sciences
KPMG in Vietnam

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