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    14:00 - 16:00 


    01 March 2022


    Virtual Conference 

    Trainers from KPMG in Vietnam

    Odoo • Image and Text

    Joseph Vu

    Partner, Tax and Legal
    KPMG in Vietnam

    Joe recently joined KPMG as a partner in our transfer pricing services.  Joe brings tremendous knowledge and experience through his 17 years of transfer pricing consulting with another Big 4 firm.  Over his professional career, he worked in the US, Japan and China before relocating to his native Vietnam in 2015.  

    Odoo • Image and Text

    Nguyen Thanh Hoa

    Partner, Corporate Restructuring, Market Entry and Regulatory Compliance
    KPMG in Vietnam

    Mr. Hoa manages KPMG’s Corporate Services and the Restructuring practices in Ho Chi Minh City. He maintains an impressive client portfolio of well-known local and international companies owing to over 20 years of professional experience in Vietnam’s regulatory and tax sectors.  

    Course description

    This course provides an overview of Vietnam's regulatory requirements - including commercial law and tax regulations - in relation to the payment by an entity to its related party for services and /or intangible property (i.e. trademark, patent, etc.). 
    Our speakers will share practical insights on pressing issues and challenges raised by the authorities on regulatory matters and tax deductibility of such charges.  

    This course is designed for

    - Chief Executive Officer
    - Chief Financial Officer
    - Chief Financial Officer
    - Chief Accountant
    - Legal Department
    - Tax Manager
    - Accountant
    - Finance Analyst

     Course Agenda

    1. Intragroup services (IGS)
    - Legal framework
    - Type of IGS transactions
    - Practical challenges of the local tax authorities
    - Case study

    2. Intangibles
    - Legal framework
    - Type of intangible transactions and agreements
    - Legal requirements and important notes
    - Practical challenges of the local tax authorities and licensing authorities
    - Case study

    3. Key takeaways

    4. How can KPMG help?

    5. Q&A

    Key learning outcomes

    After completing this session you will be able to:

    1. Understand the Vietnamese tax, transfer pricing and legal compliance requirements for intercompany services and intangible property.

    2. Gain insight on "proactive" measures to mitigates regulatory and tax risks.

    Benefits when studying at KPMG

    ✔️ Course content

    A must for financial controllers, accountants and tax practitioner to gain valuable insights on navigating this challenging regulatory environment with respect to intercompany services and intangible property charges in Vietnam.  

    ✔️ Professional experience and area of expertise of the speaker

    Our speakers, with more than 10 years of experience in the legal, tax and transfer pricing sectors, have supported numerous corporations in Vietnam in establishing appropriate intragroup services and intangibles transactions from legal, tax and transfer pricing perspectives and negotiating with local tax authorities regarding such matters in the tax audits.



    Get certificate

    Upon successful completion of the course, participants will be awarded a certificate awarded by KPMG.

    Becoming certified shows that you have picked up the skills covered in the course and your motivation to learn. You will not only address your business concerns, but also strengthen your own professional development.

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