Reinventing work -
Explore the unparalleled dilemma associated with navigating the future of work


The lasting impacts of COVID-19 coupled with the rise of artificial intelligence and other digital technologies require that we reinvent the organization of work, how it is done, and where it is done. This, in turn, demands that leaders make critical choices about what kind of a future-focused workplace they want to create at a much more accelerated rate than anticipated.

Creating a balanced workforce of the future will take a strategic approach that applies a digital mindset to the reinvention of work. We are seeing organizations responding to the inevitable need to reinvent. AI and digital technology are demolishing aging and soon-obsolete workplace structures.

While no one can predict entirely what will happen as the "new reality" world sets in, what organizations can control now is planning for scenarios that may occur and preparing for that future makeup of the workforce—one that will most certainly include forms of automation.

In this paper, we discuss:


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