VAS compliance and centralized accounting system during the
pre-transition period to IFRS  
Time:            22 July 2022, 09:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Format:        Online
Language:    English


The Ministry of Finance of Vietnam (“the MOF”) announced the plan to adopt International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) in Vietnam in two phases: voluntary (now – end 2024) and compulsory (from 2025 onwards). However, there is not yet official/detailed guidance from MOF so far to see how Vietnamese Accounting Standards and Vietnamese Accounting systems for enterprises (“VAS”) shall be modified to align with IFRS or how IFRS shall be fully or partly applied along with VAS then.

In this regard, the centralized accounting system can be considered as a common application and preferred to be selected by the Investor/Owner for a contemplated entity in Vietnam/Vietnam entity. Nevertheless, the differences between VAS and IFRS/US GAAP are big challenges.

Understanding this along with our practical experiences to help many large foreign direct investment enterprises in Vietnam in this field, our course is designed to help enterprises get an overview of relevant basic VAS requirements and how the centralized accounting system can work in this aspect.


- Overview of basic VAS requirement 

- How the centralized accounting system can work

   Option 1: Localization 

   Option 2: producing FSs and accounting books and vouchers under VAS while using the Group’s local accounting software

   Option 3: performing local accounting system along with using the Group’s accounting system  

Key Learning Outcomes

- Understanding of the basic of VAS requirements;

- Possible options for a centralized accounting system.


Company team
Nguyen Thi Thuy

Associate Director
Corporate Services
KPMG in Vietnam

Company team
Do Thanh Cam Nhung

Corporate Services
KPMG in Vietnam

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