Real Estate - Real Innovation 


The real estate industry is moving more and more into the public eye due to increasing socio-political and regulatory tasks. The tasks range from the creation of affordable living space in the housing industry and the need to adapt development models on the commercial property market to the new workplace models. In addition, those involved in the market must equally deal with the changed view of sustainability criteria, which are now summarized under the abbreviation ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance). 

Again and again, the question arises ‘if’ and ‘how’ technical innovations can contribute to overcoming these challenges. The appeal this task has for managers and specialists lies in exploiting the possibilities of the rapidly developing technologies in a meaningful way and thus sustainably changing the organizations and processes of the real estate industry. But how do you find a common denominator between real estate + real innovation? In the following articles, we venture a look into trends, topics and technologies that will likely occupy the industry in the digital future. 


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