Internal Labor Regulations - Highlighted changes required from regulatory and practical perspectives

    14:00 - 16:00
    15 March 2022
    Virtual Conference


This course provides updated requirements of the most recent labor regulations of Vietnam for Internal Labor Regulations ("ILRs") of an enterprise through the synthesization of key updates applicable to ILRs.

Our speakers will share practical insights about the internal adoption of the new Labour Code within an enterprise, including new internal policies that may be adopted in "new normal" situations, how to prepare and register the ILRs to ensure compliance with prevailing legislation. 


   Understand requisite ILR contents and key changes in the Labor Code 2019 for timely preparation or amendment of ILRs

   Gain insights on the implication of the laws on IRL contents and how to intepret them for application

   Be aware of necessary internal policies recommended for application internally to enhance labor management


1. Definition and requirement of ILRs under laws

2. Key changes and updates required regarding ILRs and guiding legislations

3. Requisite contents of ILRs

4. Recommendation of internal policies for internal application

5. Actions to be taken by employers (consultation procedures for implementing ILRs, amendment process of current ILR)

6. Q&A 

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Upon successful completion of the course, participants will be awarded a certificate awarded by KPMG.

Becoming certified shows that you have picked up the skills covered in the course and your motivation to learn. You will not only address your business concerns, but also strengthen your own professional development.

Meet the speakers

Odoo • Image and Text
Le Thi Anh Nguyet
KPMG Law Firm in Hanoi

Minh has worked for KPMG since 2009. She is the Director of KPMG Law Firm, Hanoi Office, providing legal advice on issues such as project investment, business establishment license, mergers and acquisitions, business operations, labor, etc. for companies inside and outside Vietnam.

With more than 14 years of professional experience, including 04 years working at a Vietnamese consulting firm before joining KPMG, Minh has consulted for many clients in various business fields such as education, finance & banking, manufacturing, construction, etc 

Odoo • Image and Text
Le Thi Anh Nguyet
Associate Director,  Legal Services
KPMG Vietnam

During the last 20 years, Nguyet worked intensively in International Trade Law and International Dispute Resolution areas. Nguyet has also served as a legal consultant for enterprises and governments in anti-dumping lawsuits, WTO subsidies in many industries. 

In the Covid-19 pandemic, her works also mainly included negotiating, mediating and settling disputes arising during the implementation of labour contracts, its termination based on the mutual agreement, labour restricting and labour disciplines.


Ms. Nguyen Hoang Anh