How to work effectively with Japanese Companies

   15:00 - 16:00
    08 November 2022


According to the Foreign Investment Agency (FIA), up to 2022, Japan has invested in 19 industries and fields in Vietnam and it becomes one of the leading foreign investors. In the long run, Japanese companies could become long-term reliable partners for Vietnamese businesses.

However, as the Japanese have certain unique business customs, many non-Japanese may not be familiar with these forms of communication, working culture, or business etiquette. In addition, Japanese companies tend to trust businesses that understand Japanese culture, not only the service qualities and prices.

In this training program, in 1 hour, KPMG's Japan desk provides a description of Japanese cultural characteristics, common preferences and issues for working with Japanese companies. 


After completing this session you will be able to understand: 
— Japanese business culture
 Typical challenges that non-Japanese usually face in common
 Tips during the business meeting
 Typical issues/complaints while working with Japanese companies
 Channels in networking to connect with Japanese partners

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Upon successful completion of the course, participants will be awarded a certificate awarded by KPMG.

Becoming certified shows that you have picked up the skills covered in the course and your motivation to learn. You will not only address your business concerns, but also strengthen your own professional development.

Meet the speakers

Odoo • Image and Text
Masaki Kakuda 
Global Japanese Practice
Markets Group
KPMG in Vietnam

Born in Japan with rich experiences in the international market, Mr. Masaki has spent 5 years working at the Japan desk of KPMG Vietnam and demonstrated great contributions to the Japanese market. He has played a significant role in helping KPMG’s global professionals to understand Japanese clients’ expectations and shorten the culture gap. 

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Yoshimune  Nakahara
Assistant Manager
Global Japanese Practice
Markets Group
KPMG in Vietnam

Mr. Yoshimune has always been a global citizen. Besides his international experiences in the UK, Australia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Korea and Thailand, he also has been to 28 countries so far. 

He was a government officer in the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan. He was involved in lawmaking, intergovernmental trade negotiations and so on, which made him have lots of experiences in negotiating with people in the private and public sectors.


Ms. Nguyen Hoang Anh