Vietnam Customer Experience Excellence Report 2021

Vietnam Customer Experience Excellence Report 2021

Winning with Digital Experience


For the past two years, like many countries around the world, Vietnam went on a rollercoaster ride to cope with the COVID-19 epidemic and soon the nation recognized that their lives may never be reversed to the pre-pandemic situation and that they need to adapt to a new reality. As people adjust to a new normal in all their interactions, companies will also need to change their approach to customers and the overall Vietnamese consumer.

We have reached out to more than 1,500 consumers and evaluated more than 90 local and international brands across eight different sectors in the Vietnamese market to see how companies have managed to survive during turbulent times.

Throughout the report, the CEE score of the brands is used to measure brands’ customer experience performance and justify the ranking for each brand surveyed. The CEE score is derived via a weighted average of the brand’s score for each of The Six Pillars, the KPMG methodology for defining Customer Experience. The weighting is calculated through regression analysis to understand the relative importance of each pillar in driving the two commercial outcomes measured in the analysis: advocacy and loyalty.

The Six Pillars

The report aims to provide the supply chain professional insights on what your peers in this field are struggling with and what they are planning in the future. Knowing what other supply chain professionals are doing can engender confidence in charting your path forward in a dynamic environment we live in.

The Six Pillars


Empathy – Developing an understanding of customers’

circumstances to build deep rapport

Check out the golden rules for Empathy in the report.


Personalization – Using person-centred approach

to establish sentimental relations

Check out the golden rules for Personalization in the report.

Time & Effort

Time and Effort – Saving customer effort and creating smooth processes

Check out the golden rules for Time and Effort in the report.


Integrity – Being trustworthy and instilling trust

Check out the golden rules for Integrity in the report.


Resolution – Levelling up customer's experience

Check out the golden rules for Resolution in the report.


Expectations – Managing, satisfying and go beyond customer expectations

Check out the golden rules for Expectations in the report.

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Nguyen Tuan Hong Phuc

Customer & Operations
KPMG in Vietnam


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