The Future of Space

30 Voices on 2030

The Future of Space

What will the space industry look like in 2030? We asked 30 global leaders within the sector to predict what will happen in the next 10 years.

Space has been the subject of human interest and a quest for discovery for a long time. But what does its future – and our role in it – look like?

We have our own thoughts.

We believe that space will be communal, commercial and contested. People will return to the moon and set up a more permanent base. Space travel will be possible, with multiple providers enabling it. We will rely on connectivity from space to provide broadband and communications affordably to areas which have previously been off the grid. Countries will increasingly use space as a domain for armed services. And people will land on and explore Mars for the first time.

But this is just one view – and there are many others.

What do space industry leaders think the future holds?

30 Voices on 2030: The future of space brings together the different perspectives of 30 senior leaders from the space industry around the world – heads of agency, engineers, lawyers, entrepreneurs and politicians – who paint a very vivid, exciting and challenging vision of what we can expect.

In this report, we explore the potential of space to open up to new businesses and customers, create new products and services and speak to our sense of curiosity and desire to understand the world beyond our planet. Organisations across different industries – and not just traditional space industry players – that lack adaptability and imagination will be left behind.

We invite you to explore our resource and unpack KPMG Australia's research and insights on The Future of Space.

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