The Future of Local Government

The Future of Local

Embracing connectivity and customer centricity

Local government organizations today face an important opportunity to revolutionize how they function and how they meet the fast-evolving needs and expectations of their customers in the digital era — the citizens, businesses, partners, leaders and stakeholders across the diverse cities and communities they serve. 

Government organizations at the local level — and the cities, rural localities and services they oversee — now find themselves poised to drive progress for a new era of customer-centric service. They are already building on the limited but real momentum they have created to date — momentum that has clearly accelerated amid the global pandemic’s dramatic impact. Local government organizations have been catapulted into a new model of public service — one wrought under emergency circumstances that have unmistakably revealed the exciting and inevitable way forward in providing a modern customer experience that today’s citizens and businesses expect. 

Local authorities are uniquely positioned to quickly identify and respond to the needs of their customers in local communities everywhere, including citizens and taxpayers, healthcare patients, schools, transit users, businesses, clients, suppliers, employees, tourists and visitors. Done well, as local services being delivered in many nations during the pandemic continue to illustrate, future local government organizations will serve as a viable and proactive community-based platform — one connected to all constituents and responding to their specific needs quickly and reliably. 

The future of the local government sector is clear — digitally enabled, data-driven and community focused

The transformation journey unfolding is about breaking down traditional government silos and becoming more connected — organization and community-wide — to put the customer at the very center of everything a modern local government organization does. A fully connected government organization is important in enabling and supporting the shifting role of local government leadership, ideally extending the government’s arsenal of capabilities, capacity and reach, and ultimately helping to ensure inclusion, prosperity, resilience and recovery. 

This comprehensive KPMG report — supplemented with timely and revealing Forrester Consulting research commissioned by KPMG — examines the future of the local government sector from an array of key perspectives to trace the path forward into a bold new reality of personalized, self-serve and predictive capabilities, enhanced outcomes and unprecedented customer centricity.

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