OnDemand Series 2023: Tax Inspection Support Program


Tax Inspection Support Program 2023 would provide an in-depth overview of the Managing Tax Audit, Coporate Tax, Transfer Pricing and Personal Income Tax.

In this program, KPMG OnDemand will help businesses become more confident and ready for the upcoming tax inspection.

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Overview of Tax Inspection Support Program 2023

The overall tax situation in Vietnam in 2023 is assessed to be stable and improving. The government has introduced new tax policies to promote economic development and support businesses. In particular, the tax policy is adjusted to reduce the burden on businesses, especially SMEs. In addition, the government also offers tax incentives for emerging industries such as information technology, renewable energy, tourism, clean agricultural production.

However, in the process of tax inspection, businesses face various challenges, such as providing complete and accurate financial records, handling unexpected requests from the inspector. In addition, the process can be time and resource-intensive, leaving employees unable to perform other important tasks.

OnDemand Series 2023 - Tax inspection support program delves into topics related to issues in business operations, promising to bring businesses many practical values. KPMG will accompany you on the path to achieving your goals and remaining competitive in today's market. The tax inspection and inspection support program will cover 4 main topics including "Management of Tax Inspectors", "Corporate Tax", "Transfer Pricing", and "Personal Income Tax".

Upcoming Courses - OnDemand Series 2023

Ho Chi Minh City

11 May     Corporate Tax| CIT Introduction to tax audits - Full

18 May
     Personal Income Tax| Audit Issues - Full

25 May
     Transfer Pricing| Audit Issues - Full

01 June    Corporate Tax| Deductable Expenses - Full

15 June    Personal Income Tax| Audit Issues - Full          

22 June    Corporate Tax| CIT Incentives - Full               

29 June    Transfer pricing| Audit Issues -  Full         


Ha Noi

11 May    Transfer Pricing| Audit Issues - Full

18 May     Personal Income Tax| Audit issues - Full

25 May    Corporate Tax| Deductable Expenses -Full

01 June    Corporate Tax| EPC Contractors - Full                 

15 June    Corporate Tax| EPC Contractors - Full              

22 June
    Personal Income Tax| Audit Issues - Full

29 June
    Transfer Pricing| Audit Issues - Full             

06 July    Corporate Tax| Deductable Expenses -  5 seats left  Register           

Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns

Managing tax audit can help businesses avoid penalties and fines, maintain financial stability, and build trust with tax authorities

Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns

Corporate tax is an important source of revenue for governments and is used to fund various public services and programs

Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns

Transfer pricing is a valuable tool for multinational companies to maximize profits while minimizing legal and financial risks

Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns

Personal Income Tax is a tax levied on the income earned by individuals or entities such as sole proprietors, partnerships, trusts, and estates

Directives of Tax Inspection

The orientation of tax inspection 2023 has many changes that businesses need to pay attention to. According to Official Letter No. 10039/BTC-TTr dated 3 October 2022 of the Ministry of Finance ("MoF") on the 2023 financial inspection and audit plan, the MoF sets out a number of directives towards the inspection and examination on the fulfillment of State Budget obligations. With regard totax and customs, the MoF specifically requests the followings:

 The General Department of Taxation

  • Enhancing tax inspection and audit procedures with regard totransfer pricing, tax evasion, timely detecting cases of incorrect, insufficient and fraudulent tax declarations.
  • Managing the Value Added Tax ("VAT") refund strictly to prevent policy profiteering that results in losses to the State Budget; inspecting taxpayers with sizable refundable sums and taxpayers who appear to have used fraudulent invoicing.
  • Applying artificial intelligence ("AI") technologies to analyze, manage, and reconcile taxpayers' invoice usage. 
  • Conducting tax inspections and audits, managing tax debt, and making sure that the correct amount of taxes, fees, levies, and other tax revenues are collected in a timely manner for the State Budget.

Brochure: Tax Dispute Resolution Services 

Download Directives of Tax Inspection

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