Customer Experience Management (CEM)

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    Phase 1: two-day training (6 hours/day) - 12 hours total
                                                                                         Phase 2: 12-week coaching (3.5 hours/week) - 42 hours in total
    01 - June - 2020
    Floor 10, Sun Wah Tower, 115 Nguyen Hue Street, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1,  Hochiminh City

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    Course description

    To address why the customer experience is crucial, introduce KPMG’s industry-leading tools and techniques in relation to customer experience and provide a practical understanding of how to design and execute a strategy to deliver an end-to-end positive customer experience, improving customer satisfaction, drive customer growth, profitability, and loyalty. The CEM course offers a comprehensive learn-by-doing approach as follows:

    Pre-training Phase: 10-minute online survey assessment of participants

    Phase 1 (2 day training (6 hours/day) – 12 hours total): Two-day training via video conferencing covering 6 modules (Fundamentals of CX design, CX strategy and execution, VOC customer insights and understanding, Metrics measurements and ROI, Customer centric culture, and Organization adoption). Participants will form teams and submit ideas for keystone projects at the end of the two-day training.

    Phase 2 (12-week coaching (3.5 hours/week) – 42 hours total): Weekly coaching via video conference with at least three (3) Customer Experience and Industry SMEs for a minimum of 3 hours to help your team ask the right questions, drive impact to the business, competencies and processes and deliver results/improvements on customer experience.

    Post-training Phase: Post program impact assessment of teams and keystone projects including skills application of CX training and concepts, execution of keystone projects, business benefits realized from the keystone projects

    Meet the Trainer Team

    Company team

    Nguyen Tuan Hong Phuc

    Partner, Advisory

    Company team

    Nguyen Quoc Dang Khoa

    Manager, Advisory